Taking Baby Steps

Today I made a huge discovery… I’m not consistent with creating certain things because I’m expecting too much. I’ve been expecting each idea to be that “big idea” that is THE ONE that brings all of my hearts desires. So guess what? Instead of tackling new art series and creative ideas, I’ve been immobilized by fear and anticipation. I’m realizing that I’m putting way too much pressure on myself and my creations. It’s going to be multiple steps that create the impact I desire. Not just one.

Whatever your vision is for your life, or whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, don’t allow the big picture to stop you from taking small steps. I know it’s super nerve wrecking when you look at all that you want to accomplish, but if you continue to look at how massive your end goal is, you will not get started. Especially if you’re like me, overthinking every step and trying to get it “right” will be the death of your dreams. So take little steps.

Think of things that you can do on a daily basis. Something I like to do is keep track of my daily activities on a calendar. Whether it be a walk at the park, working on a project, or trying something new, I like to write down the little things that I do each day. Each activity alone may seem insignificant, but 365 days of small steps create a huge imprint. So if you feel stuck, or feel like you’re not doing enough, stop expecting so much. You don’t have to do everything today, tomorrow, or even this year. Give yourself time.

Give yourself permission to take little steps that feel insignificant. Give yourself permission to post a picture that may only get two or three likes. Of course we want to be acknowledged for our ideas and hard work, but don’t get caught up in that. Allow your passion to be what drives you. Let your goals be your obsession. Let whatever matters to you be your driving force. Eventually you will get the recognition you desire, but you have to get started. You have to take the baby steps that will turn into the life of your dreams.

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