Loss is an Opportunity

What’s up guys! I’ve been completely off my blogging game, but I intend to create some level of consistency… maybe.

Life has been throwing me all kinds of curve balls, and I’m pretty surprised at how well I’ve handled them. I’ve encountered loss left and right, but I’m learning that loss doesn’t mean you’re losing. If you allow it to, loss can create space for much more joy in your life.

We don’t like when things are ripped away from us, but sometimes it’s necessary to let go of the old in order to experience the new. Yes, the old may be familiar and secure, but it is stretching you? Are you growing? Are you fulfilled? If not, you need to let go.

I’ve learned that when you don’t give up what you’ve outgrown, the universe will do it for you. BUT YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

You can either whine and wish for the old to return, trying to revert to comfort whenever possible. Or, you can step into the unknown and allow “loss” to be an opportunity. The way you look at something is EVERYTHING.

I’ve been able to remain optimistic and hopeful because of my mindset. I know that every experience in my life is here to help me grow. I’m always being directed to a more true, authentic way of living.

This phase of my life has shown me the value of slowing down, and I’m truly grateful to present. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and remember… when things are lost, it’s an opportunity for BETTER to be found. Adios!

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